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Entertain, Relax and Enjoy in Miami

Miami is the leisure resort for the American upper class and the gathering place of the rich. It flows about one quarter of the world's wealth every year. With beaches everywhere, the world's top luxury villas, extravagant private yacht and aircraft, high-end private clubs, the world famous golf paradise and beautiful young women with exoticism, Miami is worthy of the name of "city of leisure","living paradise". Let's spend time here experiencing a good time!

Wonderful Beach

Miami Beach, the place you can't help to love it, where white sand beaches reach out to the sky, tall palm trees make the rustle of tropical feeling, and there is the famous Miami Beach boulevard paved with cobblestones nearby. In spring and summer, the broad avenues are covered by white tents, like a harbor where countless sailboats are docked.

Park and Natural Beauty

The warm and pleasant climate gives Miami unique natural sceneries, and residents here love visiting parks and natural attractions. You shouldn't miss the wonderful exploration of various tropical plants, wildlife and all the harmonious nature in Miami! Here, people will release all their pressure and be immersed in the natural beauty.

Shooting and Hunting

As a city mixed with wildness and passion, Miami has numerous indoor and outdoor shooting sites. People can try all kinds of special guns and enjoy a brand new shooting experience. In addition, the outdoor Flying Saucer is definitely worth trying. The Boar Hunting is another extremely fun activity in Miami, and people can have very large chances to catch one. Last but not least, you can have an exclusive experience of the very challenging game here in Miami, the crocodile hunting! All the trophy during the hunting will belong to the hunter, which will certainly give you the sense of unprecedented excitement and accomplishment.


Florida has more golf courses than any other city in the world. There are more than 200 private and public golf courses near Miami, so it's also called "the Paradise of Golf Lovers". The mild climate allows you to enjoy the joy of outdoor sports all year long. Miami is the competition sites for the PGA Tour, the Champion Cup, the United States Women's Professional Golf Tournament, the World Celebrity Golf Tournament, and many other high level professional golf tournament game.

Diving and Deep Sea Fishing

With the clear water, Miami is a paradise for divers.There are many snorkeling and diving clubs and training schools in this city.Why not going for a snorkeling expedition and looking at the sea floor which is like a palette of colors.In addition, Miami is an ideal destination for deep-sea fishing.There are many species of fish, including pan-fish, large game fish, grouper, and swordfish. Enjoying the peace and happiness of deep-sea fishing in Miami is a rare experience in life.


Miami is close to the Atlantic, with the famous Biscayne bay and all kinds of lakes, going out on a yacht is one of the main events in Miami. Here is one of the most popular sailing cities in the world. There are a number of yacht clubs for people of all ages, and a full range of equipment for hiring and training. Whether fishing on a yacht, holding a wedding, gathering friends and enjoying the sea view, you will always choose Miami to be the ideal destination. The world's largest and most famous yacht show, the Miami International Boat Show, is held every year in Miami and has attracted worldwide attention.

Most Extravagant Private Jet and Airport

If you have a private jet and want to take flying lessons, or if you want to rent a plane for the commercial needs and entertainment, or if you want to have a special helicopter ride; there is no problem in Miami. There are many local professional flying companies in Miami that offer professional services just for you.


Miami seaport is one of the world's largest cruise terminal, and here is the port of many giant cruise companies. Many super cruises that belong to famouse cruise companies like Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Norwegian Cruise, start from here and travel all the year round in the picturesque Caribbean sea and gulf of Mexico, bringing more than 18 million passengers each year. These cruises have luxury equipment, superior performance, and each liner is like a full-equiped floating castle. There are accommodation, restaurants, stores, gaming, entertainment, tennis, swimming pool, gym, dance hall, library inside. Dining on the cruise is free, and the performance on board is very special. Fast food stores generally open 24 hours, and large restaurants provide lunch and dinner with different flavors. Especially in Gala Dinner, the quality of dishes is as optimal as five-star hotel ones.The show is even more unique because most cruise lines sign up for a large performance company that allows visitors to enjoy a free Las Vegas-Style show during the trip.

Theater, Concert and Dance Performance

Miami is definitely the best choice for friends who enjoy performing arts and tropical feelings.There are many great theaters such as the famous Adrienne Arsht Center. For the majority of residents and tourists, there are rich live performances where you can enjoy music, dances, magic shows and classic Broadway Shows. Miami is a city of dance; Salsa, Argentinian dance, Tango and Ballroom Dancing are all important dances in Miami. There are countless dancing clubs and schools and other social activities await for you to explore and participate.

Art Gallery

Miami has abundant museums and art galleries. Exhibitions that emerge in endlessly, different styles make people feel dizzying. From the ancient to the modern art of Europe, from Japanese rural carving to the natural science and technology, everything is worth watching; and everywhere in Miami is filled with a strong sense of art and humanity. If you want to see and experience, you should go to the art gallery for a walk and look to the avant-garde visual arts, painting, sculpture, photography, art glass, and other types of art and crafts. The art gallery here has collected works from many of the world's creative Latin American cultures. In addition, if you are an art lover, collector or exhibitor, the annual Art Basel Art Basel is the world's most famous Art feast you can't miss!

Casino and Racecourse

Miami is a vibrant city, and if you love the glamour of the casino, you'll find a lot of satisfying places, both on land and on the sea. The Seminole Hard Rock casino, for example, is the most prestigious casino in the country, while Miccosukee Resort and Gaming offers up to 1,700 slot machines, a variety of card games and a popular high-stakes bingo room. You can also choose a cruise casino on the south Florida coastline. Cruise offers Las Vegas-Style casinos, including accommodation, meals and entertainment on board. Miami still has a lot of courses, like Sports Entertainment Complex and the famous Hialeah Park Racecourse opened in 1925, which served many celebrities and politicians, such as Joe DiMaggio (Joe DiMaggio) and Winston Churchill (Winston Churchill). It has also witnessed the birth of several iconic champions, such as the racing horse Seabiscuit, who first appeared in 1935, and whose story was reproduced into a film, the Pentium. Of course, in addition to horse racing, dog racing is also one of the most distinctive recreational programs in Miami.

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