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Studying abroad and renting

For students the first time to Miami, the most important thing is to solve the housing problem. Finding a comfortable, safe and inexpensive house will give you a good start to study abroad. American Da Tang Realty sum up a few aspects of Miami rental knowledge to help you understand the Miami rental market:

  • Miami Rental Features
  • How to Rent Housing
  • Intermediaries Role of housing agency
  • Housing Precautions
Miami rental features

The Miami rental market, especially the fluctuations of student housing rental market, closely follows the school cycle. The main check-in time is usually as following: Fall renting starts from May until the same year in September, lasting for 5 months. The small check-in cycle is generally in December of each year until the next April.

In general, the earlier the reservation is made, the lower the price will be, and vice versa. Accordingly, students are suggested to book online to select a room before landing in the United States.

In addition, long-term (signed 1 year or more contracts) lease prices are generally lower than the short-term or unscheduled, because the risk of unoccupied house renting that landlord needs to bear is relatively small. In addition to the impact of the cycle, the geographical location is also an important factor affecting the housing market. According to the region arrangement aspect, the closer to the city center (Downtown) or campus (in the case of the school in the city) will result in higher prices. Miami's overall housing rents are on the rise. Specific prices need to be selected based on comprehensive situations in the case.

In Miami, the landlord will require tenants to pay the first month before check-in, deposit (the amount is generally equivalent to one month rent), and the last month rent. After the lease, if the house is intact, the landlord shall return the deposit in full. The intact house means that the tenant does not maliciously damage the rented premises, and the normal depreciation and daily consumption are not included. Of course, the specific lease situation also exists, and the landlord does not require the last month rent, or ask for less than a month rent as a deposit. In addition, brokerage fee will be paid by the landlord.

How to Rent Housing

Searching information of tenants or housing on certain websites is a common way used by both landlords and students. However, the information online may not be true or accurate, which raises the risk of falling for a scam to students who are not familiar with local situations. In order to avoid the danger, people should consult with counselors in official and trustworthy housing agencies.

Understanding some basic local laws and regulations about housing is helpful for protecting personal rights and avoiding illegal act during renting process. Besides, on account of the relatively perfect house renting and house trading system in Miami district, cooperating with housing agencies to look for a house becomes the mainstream.

Intermediaries Role of housing agency

American Da Tang Realty has professional officers and large database.The richness of the database, the professionalism of the staff, the good attitude of the officers, and the high level of commitment given to the tenant will help you to complete the rental process easily.

How can a housing agency protect students' legitimate rights?

Most of the students will experience a messy and busy time before going abroad: they have to prepare for their school, and are busy saying goodbye with their families and friends. And at this time, considering of settling down in the United States adds to their troubles. Additionally, Florida has a lot of laws and regulations to protect the various parties in the rental process, and it requires too much energy for a person to get familiar with all those legal documents. However, a reliable intermediary can save people with a lot of their time and energy, relieve people's worries and protect their rights to the max extent.

You can't see the house in person before you arrive in America, but a reliable housing agency will send their estate specialists to examine the house for you. What you only need to do then is siiting in front of your computer and watch all the video materials taken by the speciallist. After that, you can feel the house on your own and make your decision without doubt. It is most important to solve the problem of where to live in America, so that you can find a place to settle down and have a home.

To study abroad, students must learn to protect themselves. In the process of renting, there are two common phenomena that should be avoided: The first one is that students are not aware of local laws and procedures, and they have no awareness of right-protection when there is a dispute. The second one is being too afraid and worried, which leads to the miss of opportunity, and even makes people in a predicament.

Freshman Phenomena

Often, there is someone who unknowingly fall into this kind of phenomenon when choosing a house. To put it simply, "Freshman Phenomenon" means shooping around blindly. They believe that there will be better choices coming up after the waiting, and they can be able to understand the market better. Consequently, the good houses become fewer and fewer, until there is even no one left. And the person have no choice but live in some awful neighborhood. We understand when these happen to international students, however we should try to avoid them for the lost.

The main cause of this is because that students do not understand the housing market. Their budget is too little, but their expectatition are huge; they don't know the general housing price; or they don't know what kind of house they want...and so on. For example, the average monthly renting cost in Miami is between $600 and $1,500. The better the house, the higher the house price. It is like the hair of a phoenix and the horns of a giraffe to meet some high quality houses with very cheap price.But if you encounter one, you must decide quickly. Such a house could be applied by over 10 people in one single day, and it will not stay in the market for long.Afterwards, hesitation will make you regret. But before making a decision, be sure to examine the house carefully in order to avoid any flaw.

Core Time Principle

There is a core principle in the property world that is called "Core Time Principles". Which means when you find an appropriate house, make sure you submit your application immediately. Because an hour later, it might be belonged to someone else. You have to understand that there will be many other people looking for a house while we are doing the same thing. So the later you decide, the less you can choose. Selecting a house is always a test of decision-making and efficiency. What's more, "time" does not only include the time to make a decision, but also include the time of a complete application. The landlord will never keep the house for any person unless your application is accepted.

Housing Precautions

Rental process and documentation

Rental in Miami real estate sector is strictly regulated by Florida laws, and people who work in real estate are eligible with the Florida state certification. People who want to view, book or rent houses must provide corresponding documents and fulfill certain procedures. There is only one core purpose of all the Florida's laws and documents, which is aimed to protect the legal right of tenants and landlords.

The procedure for booking a house

Compare information in multiple agencies; analyze locations, traffic and the house price in order to decide the best one


Fill out the rental application


Prepare the application fee of $25 per person and the rent for the first month


Copy of Passport I-20 / DS2019, Visa


Once the material is complete, our commissioner will apply to the landlord immediately

What are the costs of renting a regular apartment?

Application fee: about $100 per person (must be a cash check issued by the bank)

Move-in deposit: in the process of moving furniture, some of the property management companies require a personal check with certain amount as the move-in deposit. If no damage has been caused toward the public facilities in the moving process, the check will be returned afterward.

Check-in deposit: some property management companies charge a month's rent as a deposit (must be a cash check issued by the bank).If no damage has been caused to the house during the rental, the check will be refunded after moving out. (If there is no deduction of deposit, the landlord will return the full deposit within 15 days. If there is a deduction of deposit, the landlord will give you a payment list within 30 days, and after your agree with the deduction, the landlord will return the remaining balance.)

Regulations above applies more to newly built apartment, which is equipped with advanced facilities and better property management. Therefore, there will be more regulations and higher costs for you if you live in this type of housing. In contrast, apartments built in the 1970's or 1980's require less cost, and the living environment is equally safe.

What are check-in charges for independent houses?

The landlord usually charge 3 months'rent in total as the cost (the rent of the first month, the rent for the last month, and the deposit for one month). However, according to the lack of local social security numbers and credit records, many international students are charged with 4 months'rent (the rent of the first month, the rent for the last month, and the deposit for two months).

The independent houses are owned by landlords and generally there is no additional check-in fee.

Gentle Reminders

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. In the process of booking, complete and fast preparation of materials and funds will significantly benefit the application. At the same time, our commissioners will try their best to help everyone to book excellent housing. If you have difficulties finding housing, or don't understand the traffic or the surrounding environment of any region in Miami, you are very welcome to contact us through our service hotline. Our commissioner will patiently answer your questions and eliminate your worries.


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