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American Da Tang Group is committed to trading and development of residential and commercial properties in the United States, and provides customers with professional real-estate services in Florida. Our customers include sellers, home buyers, renter, investors, developers, enterprises and so on. Our real-estate agents and professional staff understand that the most important natures through every real estate transaction are customer’s necessities, interests and goals, and in real estate transactions we will bring you with the highest value we can.

For investors, Da Tang Real Estate emphasizes the value and performance of assets. Providing real estate plans to maximize performance based on current and future goals. We provide professional real estate investment services that include: market evaluation, strategic plan acquisition, capital value protection, property value retrospection, and property management inspection.

For sellers, based on our years of accumulated professional experience and skills, and effective and creative marketing solutions, American Da Tang Realty will help you find qualified buyers to ensure the best profitability in the shortest possible time. Our salesman services include: real estate assessment, current market research, financial market analysis, market value determination, property positioning strategy implementation, preparation of marketing materials, contract analysis, coordination of contract negotiation, supervising the process of trusteeship and closing.

For buyers, American Da Tang Realty helps buyers in showing, obtaining overview of property rights, evaluating investment capital, purchasing insurance, and searching and investigating on existing real estate market information, house purchase contracts and transfers, house inspections and environmental surveys, property reports and property insurance.

For homeowners, American Da Tang Realty takes time to understand customer’s requirements and objectives, and it is committed to helping homeowners achieve the highest occupancy rates for all commercial and residential properties. Our landlord services include:  research and analysis under market economy conditions, development and marketing and leasing program implementation, tenant’s credit analysis and assessment of eligibility, and investigating of rental documents.

If you have any questions about American real estate development, real estate management, real estate finance, real estate mortgage, real estate financing and real estate price movements, please contact our experienced Chinese real estate agents.

Service Content

  • Property management

    Perfect management service solutions

    Lease or renewal of the property and leasing contract’s formulation

    Detailed property inspection report

    Tenant management, key transfer, rent payment

    Conversion of property water, electricity and gas accounts

    Property maintenance, garden greening and maintenance

  • Residential and commercial real estate transactions

    Real Estate Market Evaluation

    Packaging, layout and landscaping before housing listing

    Real estate sales and leasing services

    Property marketing and advertising

    Completion assistance of related transactions

    Trained professional real estate brokers

  • Real estate investment adviser

    Provide a variety of viable investment projects

    Comprehensive analysis of Real Estate Market

    Reduce risk and improve return on investment

  • Real Estate Portfolio Management

    Create and manage your portfolio

    Represent clients in real estate transactions or leasing

    Interior design services to improve return on investment

  • Other real-estate related services

    Real estate related financial services consulting

    Tailor-made housing decoration solutions

    The latest real estate market research report

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